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Viagrow® 50 Site Pro Plugs with Tray, Insert and Tall Dome


Viagrow® Pro Plugs are perfect for cuttings and germinating seeds. Derived from naturally occurring peat moss and natural materials, they are full of beneficial microbes that help to colonize roots, maximize nutrient uptake and provide the perfect air-to-water ratio for vigorous plant growth. This kit includes the Pro Plugs 50 Site Insert, a Viagrow® Standard Flat and a Viagrow® Tall Seed Propagating Dome. Pro Plugs are easy to use. They should be kept moist but not wet and should never be allowed to sit in water. Keep the tray covered with a humidity dome so the Pro Plugs do not dry too quickly. You may stop using the dome after the first leaves have formed on your seedlings. If supplementing natural light or using artificial light as the sole light source, we recommend using a fluorescent grow light like a T5 fluorescent. Pro Plugs are best utilized in conjunction with soil and some soiless mixes such as coco coir, Pro-Mix and other like medias.

• Perfectly sized and designed for cuttings and germinating seeds
• Planting media has been created specifically to promote vigorous plant growth
• Preset spacing of 2"
• Best utilized in conjunction with soil and some soilless mixes such as coco coir, Pro-Mix and other like medias
• Includes the Pro Plugs 50 site insert Viagrow® Standard Flat and Viagrow® Tall Propagation Dome

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