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The Viagrow® Clone 24 machine


The Viagrow® Clone 24 machine is designed to clone plants faster than and easier than traditional methods. The Viagrow® Clone 24 machine uses an aeroponic misting system which sprays the cuttings encouraging and promoting fast root development. The Viagrow® clone 24 comes with reservoir, 24 site lid which includes a no leak cord port and air hose port should you wish to aerate the reservoir with an air stone and air pump (air stone and air pump not included and not necessarily recommended), 25 multi colored neoprene collars, clone pump with internal filter for no clog operation, clone manifold with 360 degree misters and Clonex gel and Clonex solution to assure you have everything you need to get started. Simply dip your cuttings into the Clonex cloning gel and insert the cuttings into the neoprene collars add one 15 mil Clonex clone solution packet to the reservoir with two gallons of water, plug the clone machine in and watch for the first signs of roots to appear. Once your cuttings have rooted, transplant the clones into any desirable grow substrate. The Viagrow® 24 clone machine is easy to assemble and easy to use. For best results, use with the ViaVolt® T5 HO grow light fixtures. Mount grow light fixtures eight to twelve inches above the clone machine.

• All manifolds and misters are pre tested to assure no clog operation

• Multi colored neoprene collars help to keep track of different plant species or varieties

• Water temperature stays consistent with ambient air temperature assuring great results
(optimal temp 65 -75F )

• The UL clone pump comes with internal filter for no clog operation

• Comes with an additional neoprene collar and two additional misters
• Comes with Clonex cloning gel and clone solution for everything you need to clone your cuttings

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