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Viagrow® 3.75" Net Pots, Round Cup with slotted plastic mesh, BPA free.


Net cups are
recommended in virtually all hydroponic systems and are the choice of most
growers choosing to grow with or without media. LECA (Viastone or Hydroton),
Diatomite or rockwool/stonewool. Orchids especially love Net Pots because they
thrive on good air circulation in the root zone, exactly what Net Pots do best.
Transplant shock is reduced since both plant and pot are transferred to a
growing system together. Net cups are available in a 2", 3",
3.75", 5" and 6" sizes. Net pot lids are available in plastic
and neoprene.

• Orchids

• Aquaponics
Aquaculture Hydroponics

• Net cups are used to
start seedlings

• Net cups allows the
roots to grow through the mesh to avoid root circling

• Netting design
allows for excellent air flow into the medium

• Strong, durable
design ensures a long lasting reusable container

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