Ravenea (Majesty) Palm

Size: 10"
Sale price$78.00


The Ravenea Palm, usually known as a Majesty Palm, is a staple for the plant parents who may be looking for an easily recognizable tropical tree to decorate a humid area inside. Palms can tolerate living outside, but will not tolerate temperatures dropping, and a frost will definitely kill your palm. Easily recognized by its upright fronds, this palm is ideal for a bright window. Keep pulled back or in a semishaded window to prevent any direct light burns from crisping your foliage. These plants grow best in increased humidity, and will not tolerate extremely dry growing conditions. Do not allow your entire media to dry out, as they prefer to remain moderately moist. Thoroughly water; brown tips from the ends generally mean it's too dry, while yellowing leaves denote overwater. Never allow your palm to sit in resting water, empty the saucer after runoff pools.

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