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Viagrow® Ultimate Herb Dryer Jr. 2' x 2'


Safely and carefully dry your harvest with the Viagrow® Ultimate Herb Dryer Jr. This economical system is designed to provide the ideal drying/curing environment; perfect for your bountiful harvest. We have filled the 24" x 24" x 4' Hydro Grow tent with the expandable Drynet (VDN22), thermometer/hygrometer (VDMT600), a Carbon Filtration system and inline fan (VOCC4), ducting (VNIAD425), and a digital hanging scale (VHS2040).

• Sturdy powder coated 16 mm steel tent frame and cross members protects against rust and gives a clean reflective look
• Waterproof floor is designed with a second liner that is removable for easy cleaning between crops or in the case of a water leak, spill or overflow
• Drying rack is collapsible, fitting easily in a standard size grocery bag (comes with a carrying case)
• Tall levels allow plenty of space for larger material to be dried
• Mesh design allows thorough air movement and ensures even drying
• 4" 22-45 CFM carbon filter/inline fan combo, pre filter for catching dirt particles and unwanted air born debris
• Includes ducting, thermometer/hygrometer and digital hanging scale