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Viagrow® 6" Carbon Filter, with Flange, 125-250 CFM Exhaust


The 6” Viagrow® Carbon Air Filters remove odors safely and naturally. The virgin activated carbon is the key ingredient for removing all odors organic or chemical - smoke, plant, pet & cooking odors are all absorbed, trapped and held in the highly activated virgin carbon and the pre-filter will catch any dirt or debris allowing the carbon to do its real job.

To use attach to a fan for exhausting and you have an instant neutralizing odor eater! Quality constructed with heavy-duty galvanized steel, these filters can be mounted vertically or horizontally. When integrated into your exhaust system, all the air that is pulled through the carbon filter is totally and completely scrubbed clean free of odor. The 6" carbon filter, is recommended and rated for 125-250 CFM.

• 6” Ventilation Flange Included
• 125 CFM to 250 CFM Exhaust
• 500 CFM Scrubbing
• 13.6 lb. Carbon Weight
• 9.3” Diameter x 27.6” Tall, 19 lb total weight
• Pre filter for catching dirt particles and air born debris
• Under typical conditions should last for one year or when unit has increased its original weight by 20%

Fan not included - works well with the V6F fan, under load (connected to the carbon filter) this fan will meet the recommended exhaust.

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