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Grow Lights

What is a Grow Light?

It’s simple. Grow lights are bulbs that create the electromagnetic spectrum that plants need for photosynthesis. It is basically emulating the light spectrum that plants would otherwise receive from the Sun.

Grow lights, sometimes called plant lights, perform an invaluable indoor gardening function, supplying artificial light in areas where natural sunlight cannot reach. This promotes optimal plant growth. For the hydroponic professional of today, it is vital to utilize only the best grow lamps and related accessories, and for this reason we offer our customers a wide range of high-quality products to choose from. Below you can find our vast catalog of grow lights and similar tools and devices, such as Hortilux bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, T5 fixtures, power cords, fire extinguishers, reflectors, weatherproof electrical boxes, and much more. Atlantis Hydroponics® provides a one-stop resource for all your plant-growing needs.