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Viavolt® 2ft T-5 Fixture with Bulb


Propagate your seedlings effectively with the ViaVolt® 2 ft. 1 Bulb T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light made for plant propagation. 2,000 total lumens in the blue spectrum is perfect for propagating seedlings, clones, or keeping plants happy year round. At 2,000 lumens and 24-Watt, the High Output T-5 boasts itself as the strongest fluorescent lighting around.

• Perfect for propagating clones, seedlings or keeping plants happy year round
• Strip light T5 fixture can be easily mounted or used inside a propagation dome
• Complete with lens and power cord with and on/off switch
• Major brand solid state electronic ballasts
• 1 year rebuild or replacement warranty
• Use the 4" jumper cord (included) for adding multiple fixtures together
• Bulb included (24-Watt)

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