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ViaVolt® Lamp Bracket Kit with Four 2ft. T5 Lamps and Safety Wire


The ViaVolt® T5 Grow light with Bracket and light hanger is available in both 2 ft. and 4 ft. units and with 2 bulbs, 4 bulbs and 6 bulb fixtures. Each T5 HO light fixture boasts a 6500K spectrum while the 2ft. bulbs put out 2,000 lumens at 24-Watt each. The 4 ft. bulbs are rated at 4,000 lumens at 54-Watt each. Each ViaVolt® fixture has its own on/off switch and clear safety lens to safeguard against water and debris. The ViaVolt® T5 grow lights are perfect for growing seedlings, cloning, germinating and growing plants. They can also be mounted and used for side lighting in your grow room or growing area. The T5 fixtures and brackets are easy to mount, adjust or add additional fixtures as needed. Each bracket can hold up to 7 T5 ViaVolt® fixtures. When connecting the T5 fixtures to the bracket, it is important to use the safety wire to assure safe and secure operation. Each T5 grow light comes complete with fixtures, bulbs, bracket, jump cords and light ratchet hangers.

• Includes T5 HO 6500K bulbs and fixtures
• Allows you to add up to seven grow lights in a row (side by side)
• Brackets come with four carabiner style clips for easy hanging
• Each fixture comes with on/off switch and safety lens to protect the bulb
• Comes with safety wire to assure safe and secure operation
Included ratchet hangers for easy and fast up or down adjusting

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