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Viagrow® 2' x 4' Complete Deep Water Culture System w/V44


The Viagrow® Family Lettuce Farm makes growing greens (i.e. lettuce, kale, cabbage, mustard, etc.) unbelievably easy and efficient. Able to produce a crop of 24 plants every 6 weeks or 3 plants per week in perpetuity; this sturdy hydroponic system is a great option for families interested in sustainability, self-sufficiency, and savings! System includes:

• Rugged easy to assemble steel 2x4 tray stand (no tools required for assembly)
• Food Grade 2’x4’ plastic plant trough
• Viagrow® high output/high efficiency 4 foot 4 lamp 216 watt T5HO Fluorescent Grow Light
• Easy Drain water level indicator (seen on right side of image)
• 4 valve Viagrow® high output air pump
• 4 Viagrow® ceramic long-life oxygen diffusing air stones
• 24 sites pre-drilled plant lid
• 22 2” food Grade plastic net pots
• Viagrow® easy up-down ratcheting light hangers
• Viagrow® 24 Hour Single Outlet Programmable Timer, 120V

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