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The Viagrow ® propagation station comes complete with everything you need to start your seedlings. This kit is ideal for starting seedling, cuttings, and clones. The Viagrow ® light stand and High output 6500K T5 grow light comes with eye bolts, chain and S hooks for easy hanging and adjusting. The light stand is made of sturdy 1.25 inch square steal white powder coated tubes. The T5 grow light is a state of the art grow light with a clear safety lens to protect your bulb from moisture when spraying or watering your seedlings and plants. The Viagrow ® Light stand is sturdy and easy to assemble. The tall domes with vents provide room to grow and hold humidity for your seedling or clones. The propagation kit also comes with a heat mat and 144 super grow plugs for planting your seeds. (seeds not included) If you would like the propagation light, stand or propagation hardware separately please search for the following codes. VLS2S21, VLS4S41, VpS4K. V21, V41, VLS2S & VLS4s, VSFB300, VTD300, VSSP

• Easy to adjust the light for growing plants
• The White Powder coated stand is resistant to rust and ideal for green houses and humid environments
• The T5 High output light is ideal for growing plants and will not burn seedlings
• Great for flowers, vegetables, herbs and house plants
• Wide base provides stability
• 58.5 inches long x 30.5 inches wide x 27.5 inches high
• Comes with S hooks, eye bolts and two lengths of 25 inch chain for easy adjusting
• Comes with rubber feet to minimize any vibrations
• T5 light fixture comes with clear safety lens to protect the bulb when watering, or misting your plants
• Includes two standard flats, two tall domes with vents, 144 super plugs, two standard flats, T5 grow

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