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The 2 ft. Plant Propagation Station comes with everything needed to begin plant propagation. Use included compartmental trays to start 72 separated plants using your favorite growing mix. The dual heat mat works best when on a flat, dry surface and plugged the cord into any 120-Volt outlet. Included seedling trays are to be placed directly on top of the heated mat. For best germination results, place the tall propagation domes over the trays and keep them under the included T5 fluorescent light fixture (approximately 300 ft. - 800 ft. candles). Direct sunlight or high HID lights may be too intense for seedlings and as a general guideline, seedling and clones grow best with temperatures of 70° - 80° and humidity range of 50% - 60%. Please be sure to research your particular plant as temperature and humidity requirements vary for different species and hybrids. Kit includes: V726220 (Standard Flat 72 insert), VSFB900 (Standard Flat), VT300 (Tall Dome), VSEEDMAT (Small Single Tray Seed Heat Mat), VRRT72 (72 Superplugs), V21 (2 ft. Flourescent Light Fixture) and a VLS2S (2 ft. Light Stand).

• Lightweight housing makes it easy to install
• Included lens protects bulb
• Quality solid state electronic ballasts ensure long life
• Perfectly sized and designed for cuttings and germinating seeds
• Planting media has been created specifically to promote vigorous plant growth
• Best utilized in conjunction with soil and some soilless mixes such as coco coir, pro-mix and other like medias
• Warms root area 10-20 above room temperature
• Speeds germination and encourages strong root growth
• High quality, water resistant construction
• May be used with a compatible thermostat for temperature control
• Domes come with a built in handle for easy removal
• Helps control temperature and humidity levels that seedlings require
• Stand powdercoating prevents rust
• Super Plugs maintain a perfect air-to-water ratio and produce beneficial microbes

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