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Aquaponic Systems

Even in the world of hydroponics, synergy matters. For years, growers have made use of complex aquaponics systems in order to achieve a state of symbiotic harmony within their greenhouses. For the unfamiliar, aquaponic gardening entails combining live marine-life with hydroponics in order to create a mini-ecosystem for the benefit of both the fish and the plants.

In a typical aquaponic system, effluents build up in the water, which increases the toxicity for the marine-life. The water is pumped into a hydroponic system where the natural waste from the fish is broken down by nitrogen fixing bacteria before it is filtered out by the plants. The water is then recirculated back to the marine-life, and the whole cycle begins again.

Due to the “kill two birds with one stone” nature of aquaponic gardening, it can potentially help decrease the water and energy usage in your hydroponic setup. Below we’ve supplied a full inventory of aquaponic parts and complete aquaponic systems so that you can choose the best option for your current growing operation.