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Aeroponic Hydroponic Systems

Although traditional means of growing plants involve using the richest soil you can find, the art of aeroponics offer an alternative that allows oxygen to gain easier access to the rhizosphere (or root zone) of the plant. The idea behind aeroponic gardening is that natural nutrients can be absorbed by a plant without the aid of soil. For plants with delicate root structures that require unrestricted access to air, an aeroponic system will likely give you the best results.

By using a pressurized spray to effectively hydrate the plants and provide nutrients, aeroponic gardening has the potential to limit disease transmission since each spray pulse can be sterilized. In the case that a plant does get infected, it can be removed easily from your aeroponic system without disturbing the other plants. When you are experimenting with new types of plants, aeroponics has proven to be an excellent way to prevent unforeseen problems like root rot and other botanical issues.

Below we have a wide variety of different systems to choose from based on your current hydroponic setup. Take a moment to browse through our inventory and choose the aeroponic gardening system that will help you minimize your losses and maximize your output.